Services & Rates

State-of-the-art digital recording with a top-of-the-line team.


Pencil Factory Recording Studio offers digital 24-track recording using the latest hardware and software from Mark of the Unicorn (Digital Performer, MOTU 16-896-HD interface) with host of top-shelf plugins by Focusrite and others. And, for those that prefer to keep things out of the box, we also offer external processors by Lexicon and Alesis.

Engineering is performed by Gene Pritsker (composer/guitarist) or Franz Hackl (composer/trumpeter).

The studio is home to musicians of every style and discipline, and we welcome ongoing collaborations.

From concept to distribution, Pencil Factory is ready to deliver.


Recording rates are $125/hr, which includes:

  • Full access to all gear and instruments
  • Full access to the control room
  • Digital recording
  • Mics, compressors, and plugins
  • Engineering by one of our talented and experienced in-house team members