We've got all the gear you need to make a world-class recording, and some sweet instruments for you to play it on.


Our state-of-the-art studio is packed with top-shelf equipment and instruments. We know, because we use it, too.

  • Facility

    Booking time at Pencil Factory gives you access to:

    • 1500 sq. ft. studio
    • 3 rooms for isolation, including a fully-equipped control room
    • Control Room
    • Drum Room
    • Voc/Bass room
    • Mesa Boogie Studio .22+ tube combo w/ matching ext. cab
    • Fully equipped Mackie sound system for rehearsals
  • Recording

    • MIDAS board F32
    • Software: Digital Performer
    • Hardware: MOTU 16 896 HD, 8 Focusrite preamps, 8 Presonus comp/gates
    • Alesis Quad verb
    • Lexicon 100 verb
    • Lexicon PCM41
    • Mackie 824, Roland MA8 monitors
    • Grado, Sony headphones
    • Oz 4 independant headphones mix
    • Microphones: AKG, Shure, Rode, Oktavia, Studio Project, MXL
  • Instruments

    • Estonia 6′ 3″ Grand Piano
    • Bass amp, guitar amp, keyboard amp
    • Yamaha drum kits with all accessories
    • Hundreds of percussion instruments in adjacent percussion studios
    • Set of 4 Symphony Hand Hammered Timpani